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Sherwin Williams Powdura

Powdura® 5000 coatings are designed to meet or exceed AAMA 2605 specifications. This new collection features 18 of our most popular colors in our highest performing coating.

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We are hard at work coating these enormous extruded aluminum parts with AAMA 2605 Bronze for a local residential development here in Charlotte.

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We coat to perfection! From the smallest parts to assemblies as large as 24.5 feet in length, our state of the art facility boasts nearly 7,000 cubic feet of coating and curing capacity.  If you can push, pull or roll it into our shop, we will do our very best to make your product shine at competitive prices for large volumes and small batches alike!

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Aluminum Extrusions
Air Conditioning Housings
Automotive Components
Computer Housings
Display Racks
Electrical Enclosures
Farm Equipment
Florescent Light Fixtures
Hand Tools
Lawn Mowers
Marine Hardware
Metal Furniture
Outdoor Grills
Swimming Pool Equipment
Utility Trailers
Vending Machines
Wire Shelving
Yard and Garden Tools

Do your parts need SANDBLASTING or SODA/ACID Cleaning? We’ve got you covered!

Pick the perfect color.

When you need the right color fast, look to our lineup of in-stock powders. The Powdura® RAL Series offers superior weatherability and TGIC-Free polyester powder coatings across a broad range of 188 colors, available in full gloss and satin sheen.  Contact one of our specialists to learn more.

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Equally as important are finish color and finish PERFORMANCE.

Architects, specifiers and building owners must determine which performance specification is required. In order to ensure the finish performance expected for a given application, one of three AAMA specifications should be referenced:

AAMA Viewing Statement:

Coatings should be visibly free from flow lines, streaks, blisters or other surface imperfections in the dry-film state on exposed surfaces when observed at a distance of 10 feet (3 m) from the metal surface and inspected at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface.

*These specifications apply to South Florida outdoor exposure and laboratory accelerated testing results.

Pre-treatment is Essential.

The pre-treatment process includes cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the product surface. It is important for the product surface to be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, oils, and contaminants before the surface coating process.

The Aluma Shield® method cleans and prepares metal surfaces for pretreatment. We use powerful cleaning agents that guarantee:


  • No oil splitting
  • No scale or sludge
  • Etching or non-etching
  • Low foaming
  • Grain refining
  • Corrosion inhibiting

Additives are available for smut removal, heavily soiled material, etc. Our process uses alkaline, acidic, and neutral cleaners, all biodegradable.

Chrome-free prepaint pretreatment provides results equal to chrome without the environmental concerns. Our method supports multi-metal substrates (Cold-Rolled Steel, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Electrogalvanized, Galvalume, and more).

Our process meets AAMA 2603, 2604, & 2605 specifications and is Approved in Europe by GSB & Qualicoat.


  • No rinse, dry-in-place available
  • No EPA listed or restricted heavy metals
  • Available for spray, immersion, flow coat, reverse or direct roll coater applications.

Conversion coating depends upon the base metal and are applied for three purposes:


  • Provide temporary in process corrosion protection before application of powder coating.
  • Promote good adhesion of the powder coating to the substrate.
  • Impart under paint corrosion & thereby improve the life of the powder coating.