Aluminum Canopies

We specialize in pre-fabricated aluminum canopies, trellis’, sunshades, and custom aluminum structures for new construction, commercial and industrial businesses

Our aluminum canopies enhance various architectural spaces, offering cover, rain protection, and shade


Our expert team will work with you to provide a quality canopy for your location

Architectural Aluminum Canopy Specialties

Schedule a FREE consultation with our team now to get started on designing the perfect canopy for your location.


Our Aluma Shield Hanger Rods are suspended canopies, that support signage, and lighting systems


Our Post-supported Aluma Shield are great as canopies, carports, and outdoor structures


Our Aluma Shield Curves & Arches are architectural accents, entranceways, and window treatments


Our Cantilevered Aluma Shield canopies are perfect for door and window covers, storefronts, and outdoor seating areas


Our Aluma Shield Sunshades provide optimal shading solutions for gardens, patios, and outdoor dining areas, enhancing comfort and ambiance while shielding from sunlight.


Our Aluma Shield Louvers give you sun control, ventilation, and privacy solutions


Our Aluma Shield Trellis’ fit well in gardens, patios, outdoor dining spaces


Our Aluma Shield Pergolas are good for outdoor living spaces, patios, decks


Our Aluma Shield commercial and residential walkways are perfect for entrances, and pathways


Our Aluma Shield customizable decorative specialties are for building facades, fences, privacy screens, wall art

Our craftsmanship and materials are the best in the business of aluminum canopies, thus ensuring you, our customer, a product that is built to last and something you can take pride in.

Planning & Design

Partner with our team to tailor the ideal aluminum canopy for your project. From concept sketches to detailed architectural drawings, we transform your vision into reality. We guide you through color selection, fascia profiles, and beyond, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your project's requirements.


Our cutting-edge workshop empowers our skilled craftsmen to create diverse aluminum canopy solutions. From standard offerings to custom designs, we work with extruded, rolled, and laser-cut aluminum to meet your unique needs. Whether you're a large-scale developer or a local business, we have the expertise to cover your project requirements.

Finish & Install

Your project goes through our rigorous pretreatment process, protecting against corrosion and promoting finish adherence. Following powder coating and curing in-house, your parts are delivered on-site. Our skilled installation crew ensures everything is securely in place. We're confident you'll be thrilled with the outcome.

*Warranty and color options vary. Refer to RAL & AAMA details below.


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Highest grade level exterior specification. Sherwin Williams® Powdura 5000 Fluoropolymer Powdercoat
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3 benefits of choosing ALUMA SHIELD®

A quality product

that lasts for years and a special powder-coated solution


an enhanced aesthetic

with a wide range of configurations and possibilities


A quality Installation

in which we guarantee a professional finish for any and all projects



Choose Aluma Shield® to avoid poor-quality installations that may impact your business.

If you don’t choose ALUMA SHIELD®, you may struggle to find the right company, may not get the perfect finish, and won’t get the powder-coated solution we offer. 

If you act now and choose Aluma Shield®, you will have the right product for the job.