Architectural Powder Coating

When it comes to finishes that look great and deliver the protection you need under demanding conditions, powder coating is more than up for the challenge. Our powder finishes are incredibly durable and more resistant to fading, scratching, chipping and wear than paints and other solvent-based finishes. Unlike painting, powder coating agricultural equipment is a clean finishing process that is free from Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Canopies & Shades

Decorative canopies and shades provide protection from the elements and can be powder coated to match your intended architectural style or color scheme.

Railings, Posts, & Beams

Make your stair and balcony railings stand out or stand back. Powder coat those 'ugly' or 'unsightly', vital support elements to reinforce a client brand or simply add protection and longevity to the product.

Decorative Screens & Hardware

Screens can range from Bahama-style shutters to custom, laser-cut designs for interior and exterior applications. Make a statement from the street or create a unique space for visitors through our color and sheen options.

Gutters, Hoods & Fixtures

Building custom or replacing under-performing infrastructure is the perfect opportunity to refresh your spaces with brilliant colors, guaranteed to last.

Sherwin Williams Elite Applicator!

As a Sherwin Williams Elite Applicator, we offer stunning, long-lasting finishes to suit any project. Aluma Shield® Powder Coating Services offers the full spectrum of RAL® color options. No matter the job, from coating paperclips to truck chassis, we’ve got you covered.


Our Standard interior specification Sherwin Williams® Powdura RAL Series Satin SD Polyester Powdercoat
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Sherwin Williams® Powdura 4000 Superdurable Polyester Powdercoat with 5-year certified pro-rated warranty available for an additional cost.
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Highest grade level exterior specification. Sherwin Williams® Powdura 5000 Fluoropolymer Powdercoat with certified pro-rated warranty available for an additional cost.
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Architectural Powder Coating from Start to Finish:

Our state-of-the-art batch system features an expansive spray booth and a large-format curing oven for your architectural needs. With our in-house process, we have total control over production from start to finish to ensure your finished product matches your specifications. As an Aluma Shield® Powder Coating Services customer, our team is committed to the swift turnaround of your unique job using our proven powder coating method.


Aluma Shield® can handle batch processing of parts up to 25′ in length. From old to brand new, we powder coat just about anything aluminum or steel that you might need for your residential or commercial project.

Past Architectural Structures Powder Coating