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NOTE: While we currently do not offer a “Full Service” option for powder coating of wheels/rims we do have an option that may help. For a one-time fee of $482.63 (tax included), you can bring us your set of 4 wheels with the tire still on and we will remove the tires from the wheels, and then remount them when done. However, we are not responsible for sensors. 

Wheels & rims can make or break the look of your vehicle. While buying custom rims isn’t affordable for a lot of owners, refinishing your rims is an excellent option.


Our basic pricing for powder coating a set of four wheels is as follows:


15″ – 17″: $325.00
18″ – 20″: $400.00
21″ – 26″: $500.00
27″+: $600.00


These prices may be adjusted based on the condition of the wheels and additional services required.


Choose from thousands of the colors we offer to add a BOLD COLOR to your new Rims or restore your old wheels.


Wheel & rims are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Exposure to the outdoors, as well as damage from road debris such as stones and gravel, can cause corrosion, chipping, and flaking.


Powder coating offers a non-porous, more robust surface protection than standard liquid paints, ensuring that your powder-coated rims can endure even the harshest road conditions.

Dropped it off at 9am and got a call at 12:30 saying it was ready on the same day. Incredible timing. - Joseph D

Wheels & Rim Powder Coating FAQ's

Typically, the cost of powder coating a set of 4 average car/truck wheels and/or rims is around $350-$600 including wet blasting & our stock colors.

We do not disassemble any car parts. Please ensure all items are brought to us free of any stems, sensors, rubber, or plastic components.

We do not specialize in repairing rims, but depending of the severity of the damage, we can only repair minor curb rash, nicks, or overall wear and tear.

Yes, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area we would be glad to come pick up and deliver your wheels once the process is complete. 


*An additional charge will apply.

Paint is a solid suspended in liquid whereas, powder is a ground up solid that is then heat cured to create a hard shell.


It has a stronger pencil hardness than paint and is therefore more durable.


It is applied without creating VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere therefore making it a greener technology and better for the environment.